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A "You are not alone" sign sits in from of Plumb Hall.

This is a developing list that will be updated as The Bulletin confirms dismissals. The numbers below represent the faculty that have been notified of their termination and their department. 

If you or your professor receive an email letting you know that you are impacted by the new policy approved by KBOR Wednesday, please reach out to The Bulletin. 


Emporia State began dismissing employees Thursday after the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) unanimously approved their justification to do so Wednesday. Impacted employees were asked to go to the Earl Center for a mandatory meeting where they were told of their dismissal.

“Once you know you’ve been invited to the Earl Center, you know that you’re gonna be terminated,” said Michael Morales, professor of physical sciences, who was dismissed Thursday.

At the Earl Center, employees were read a statement explaining the dismissal and given a packet with their letter of termination, mental health resources and unemployment insurance resources, Morales said.

ESU President Ken Hush announced plans to submit the justification to dismiss faculty members to KBOR in a campus-wide email on September 7. KBOR is allowing public universities to create such a justification in an effort they say will help university’s finances in the face of declining enrollments and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The “vast majority” of impacted employees will stay with ESU through May 2023, Hush said in an email to campus Wednesday. They will also have the opportunity to receive three months severance pay and have access to outplacement services, according to the email.

Hush did not clarify what will happen to the employees that are not in the “vast majority.” 

All staff who were terminated have been notified, according to director of media relations Gwen Larson, who said that 33 faculty and staff have been dismissed.

The Bulletin has independently confirmed the departments of 30 dismissed faculty. Larson could not confirm the departments of the other three.

Here is the list of affected departments and how many confirmed faculty from that department have been dismissed:  

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - Total: 23

Art - 2*

Biological sciences - 2*

Communication & theater - 2*

English, modern languages and journalism - 5*

Mathematics and Economics - 1

Music - 3

Physical sciences - 3*

Social sciences, sociology and criminology - 5*

Teacher's College - Total: 2

Counselor education - 1

Business College - Total: 5

Accounting, information systems, and finance - 2

Business Administration - 3


*These numbers have been confirmed by department chairs. 

Editor's note: A previous version of this story erroneously marked counselor education as confirmed by the department chair.


Sarah Spicer advises The Bulletin on stories about Emporia State’s framework to dismiss employees. 

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