With the start of a new year and the thought of going away to college, Nate King, sophomore information systems major, decided that it presented him with the chance to lose unwanted weight that he struggled with during his formative years.

He is now over 100 pounds lighter after a grueling diet and months of hardwork, King said.

“When I decided to come here, I was (thinking) whole new place to live, whole new friends, everything is new,” King said. “Why not make myself new? I was thinking, ‘why not lose some weight?’”

King and his mom made attempts at losing weight together during his high school years with little success.

While he wouldn’t recommend the method he used, he did talk about its effectiveness.

“Back when I tried losing weight with my mom in high school, what we did was a plan called ‘Profile (by Sanford),’” King said. “I didn’t really want to pay for anything this time.

So, I based what I (did) last time and made it more my own, which I think helped because it was more of my own ideas.”

“Profile by Sanford” is a subscription service that offers a variety of dieting plans for those looking to lose weight. Although he had previous experience working with Profile, King said he wanted to lose weight by his own accord.

Most of his diet for the first few months mainly consisted of two protein shakes a day and small portions of lean meat like grilled chicken, King said. He was able to find items when he was out and about or with friends.

“Most places have grilled chicken,” King said. “Whenever I’d go (out) with friends, I’d just get grilled chicken. That was my life for a few months.”

He described that time as “awful” and realized there were other options to losing weight.

“It was awful,” King said. “It probably wasn’t the best way to lose weight, because it was so fast. A healthy rate is like one or two pounds a week. I lost over 100 pounds in around six months. I didn’t really feel well and felt weak.”

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, 1 or 2 pounds a week is the usually the suggested pace for losing weight.

King said he can now indulge in mostly whatever he would like to eat. Gone are the days of his grueling diet.

Along his journey, he also learned good habits when it comes to consumption.

“Something I learned while losing weight is that it’s all about portions and stuff,” said King. “So if there’s something I want I just mooch a little off my friend instead of ordering my own version of it.”

It’s no secret that diets don’t always work out for everybody. Weight loss success and positive feedback from others helped him to keep going, King said.

“Just seeing the numbers go down was always nice to see,” King said. “...A bunch a of people started complimenting me on Facebook and that was nice to see.”

Not only were the compliments from his peers, but also people on Reddit—a social media website that is culmination of news and discussion. The progression pictures he posted got around hundreds of thousands of views in the first few days.

“I posted (on Reddit) and I was the top post for like two days and got around a million views,” King said.

Victoria Goetzinger, junior sociology major, barely recognized King when she saw photos of his progress through Facebook. Goetzinger is one of the few people at ESU who knew him in high school.

“I was unaware of Nate’s weight loss until after he had lost over 100 pounds,” Goetzinger said. “I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I saw a post that his mom tagged him in.”

Goetzinger said she didn’t even recognize him at first.

“My initial reaction was shock because of how much weight he lost in a short amount of time,” Goetzinger said. “Whenever I saw newer updates he looked so happy and I could tell that his family was extremely proud of him.”

Although he has physically changed his appearance, King is still the same to people that know him. The weight he lost has only spoke about his tenacity and character.

“Nate is still the same goofy kid I knew and worked with in high school, just with a new façade,” Goetzinger said. “I think that his weight loss journey proves how hardworking he can be and how dedicated he is to his goals. I think his transformation really highlights how we view and treat our bodies in addition to the impact of societal expectations regarding body image.”

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