Peng Du holds a copy of his chapbook in Gravel City Roasters. 

Du Peng is well known in Emporia for his imaginative, sometimes blunt, and sometimes scatological poetry. He has published numerous chapbooks (poetry collections) since coming to Emporia. With his permission, here are a few of his poems. He intentionally keeps the English in his poems a little rough around the edges; they are presented here as is. - Charles Emmer


I was going to only buy one book from the bookstore

But I thought about the cost

For this trip to the bookstore

Finally, I ended up with two books.


He got an A

He never raised a hand in class

He got an A in that class

He never talked to his classmates

He got an A in that class

He was not sure about evolution theory

He got an A in Biology

He never appreciated a poem

He got an A in Poetry Writing

He was not sure about inflation

He got an A in Economics

He did not know political science is science

He got an A in Political Science

He got an A

He got an A

He never missed a single class

He was a straight A student

Nobody knows what he likes

Nobody knows what he wants

Everything about him is an A


In this moment, he is getting another A

Inside of an A


A good burger

The steak jumps around

at a field of tomatoes and pickles

and sings the songs

Which only the tiger used to sing


The Cloud of the Dead

There is a cloud made by the dead in the sky

There is you made by the dead on the ground

You tell the cloud you are dead

The cloud tell you he needs to fly

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