Working to put together this magazine was a long process filled with joy, laughter, tears, frustration and many other emotions.

With our second issue, we knew we had room for growth and improvement. We also knew that a lot of people knew about “Empowered.”

With a complete overhaul of design, both here at “Empowered” and The Bulletin, we wanted to give the students a product they could enjoy, while still keeping our mission and our theme close to heart.

We wanted to empower people with these stories.

However, as time progressed, our mid-October deadline became increasing more stressful.

But, we made our deadline and we reached our goal.

And here is our final product, with our theme so clearly in mind. We wanted to provide Emporia State students with an exceptional collection of empowering stories.

Despite the challenges we faced creating this, we are beyond proud to be sharing this with ESU students and our community.

This magazine was intended to be our love letter for the generous support that we receive in our mission to provide news and information efficiently and accurately.

We also want to thank those who allowed us to tell their story. Everyone has a story to tell, and for those who let us tell theirs, thank you. It would truly not be possible without you.

Our featured story for this issue is Faith Schreiner, an ESU student who was born with one hand. Despite facing adversity throughout her life, she has thrived and is telling her story here, as she raises money for a bionic hand.

I hope her story, and the many others we’ve compiled, inspires you like they’ve inspired us.

This story is powerful, strong and important to tell, just as all of your stories are important to share.

We hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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