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Locard Society members gather for their 4th annual charity drive on Oct. 31 at the corner of 12th and Rural St. They collected items such as kitty litter, cat/dog toys, dog food and other animal supplies to benefit the Emporia animal shelter. 

The Locard Society of Forensic Science held their 4th annual charity drive on Halloween night, at the corner of 12th and Rural Street. 

Items were collected to support the needs of the Emporia Animal Shelter. In previous years, they have served SOS and Corky’s Closet. 

“Locard’s theory is basically saying that whenever you go to a crime scene, you’re bringing something with you: Your hair, your fingerprints, whatever it is,” said Shannon Oberlin, forensic science graduate student. “And then you’re taking something back. So that’s what we’re trying to do is impress upon the community using Locard’s theory and then take something back with us, too.” 

Oberlin said they chose to support the animal shelter this year because ESU has already been so successful with the food drive and they feel passionately about helping animals because they each have a pet of their own. 

“We decided instead to help the animals because all of us in the program for this first and second year have pets,” Oberlin said. “Obviously, (we) want to do our best to help the animals, because they’re all our sweet babies at the end of the day.” 

Kaylee Kemery, forensic science graduate student, has been a member of Locard for the past year. She said the volunteer work she has done with the society has been very important to her. 

“I love dogs,” said Kemery, while holding her own dog. “I actually adopted my dog from a humane society, so it’s definitely something close to me. And I love to give back.” 

Erin Woods, a community member, said she donates to whatever charity drive Locard is hosting each year. 

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