Mary McDaniel Anschutz, director of Health Services, helps Joie Whitney, senior health and human performance major, make homemade noodles at the second C.H.E.W event of the semester on Nov. 7 at the First Christian Church. C.H.E.W is a free event that teaches students how to cook healthy. 

Emily Prouse, registered dietitian and Mary McDaniel Anschutz, director of Health Services, hosted their second C.H.E.W. event of the semester. Nov. 7 had the theme of homemade chicken and noodles. 

“We had talked to a lot of students over the years,” McDaniel Anschutz said. “They talked about wanting to eat healthier. They didn’t know how to cook.” 

Since it is free and sponsored by Corky’s Cupboard, space is limited so students have to call the Student Wellness center to sign up. 

“I really like learning to cook,” Joie Whitney, senior health and human performance major said. “(I heard about it) from the little trifolds in the Union and I had attended previous events.” 

The students get to cook the meal, eat and then take some of it home. In this case, students made homemade noodles, granola bars and the base of the soup. 

Prouse explained how easy it is to eat healthier on a budget with the knowledge of how to cook. She also provides recipes of each item cooked at the end of each class. 

Students can sign up to learn how to cook a themed meal with a baked item. The next C.H.E.W. event will Nov. 21 at 5:30 p.m. 

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