Of the many diners and restaurants in town, so many miss the mark when it comes to breakfast food. 

IHOP has variety but lacks any personality and it’s far from what I’d call local. 

I’d heard stories about the massive serving sizes at Commercial Street Diner and decided I had to taste it for myself. 

Located at 614 Commercial Street, the diner is hardly more than a quick jog away from campus. Situated in a small pocket next to Gravel City Roasters, the diner is small but more than welcoming. 

Packed full on a Sunday afternoon, I was lucky enough to get a table to myself. With a good variety of omelets, burgers, massive waffles and pancakes and desserts the diner had just about everything you’d want for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and everything in between. 

For about $12 I ordered a cinnamon roll and the #1, the Traditional platter which came with bacon, a biscuit, hash browns and scrambled eggs. 

Despite being a smaller space, the staff seemed to make it work with great synergy and familiarity with the regulars. 

I was served instantly and didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for my entrée and cinnamon roll. 

The cinnamon roll was almost enough itself. Massive and coated with glaze and butter, the cinnamon roll was fluffy, sweet and easy to bite into. I had hardly finished it when my entree was brought to me. 

There was a generous amount of hash browns, that despite being burnt, were great with some ketchup. The worst things hash browns can be are soggy, but they were crisp and hot. 

The eggs went well with the buttermilk biscuit which seemed to absorb the butter. The eggs made up for the hash browns and the biscuit was a nice touch. The bacon was crispy if somewhat dry. 

Eating at the diner was an enjoyable experience, with friendly staff. It was like the town was waking up together to come eat at the diner. Well worth the price for the variety and closeness, the diner is worth the morning visit, if you’re quick enough to snatch a table.

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