Having been at Emporia State for two years now, I have rarely experimented with the food on campus, since I lived at home until this semester.

The first time I went to the Hornet’s Nest was as a junior in high school, when I attended a campus tour with my psychology class.I remember enjoying the sheer amount of options and the central location to the rest of the school. Those are both things I enjoy even more so as a student.

Recently remodeled, the Hornet’s Nest features a wall with greetings from every language spoken on campus. After picking a seat against the window to watch the hail fall, I started with the beef ravioli with an oriental sauce. I was pleasantly surprised with how juicy and warm the beef was.

Next to the grill was a slew of breakfast options from chocolate milk to freshly cooked pancakes and hot peaches, which together made for a tantalizing follow up.

As 5:00 p.m. approached students began to pour in, in a matter of minutes it reminded me of my old high school cafeteria.

Walking around I noticed another of the recent additions, memorials of various civil rights activists from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, to Marsha P. Johnson lined the walls. Buzzing with activity, I made my way through the growing crowd to a corner of desserts boasting pudding, cookies and a surprisingly sweet lemon cake.

As someone who has to often cook for themselves it was a nice change of pace to visit something on campus with such a variety of options at a great location.

If you find yourself on campus, I recommend checking out the newest version of the Hornet’s Nest for a great meal, or two.

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