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Lucy Baker, barista at Gravel City Roasters, 608 Commercial St. and freshman undecided major, checks out a customer. There are many fall events to participate in Emporia, including trying season drinks at local coffee shops.

Emporia offers a variety of fall activities and treats, from cold weather drinks to bicycling.  

Students interested in going out and making the most of the soon-to-be cooler temperatures can rent a bicycle from the Emporia State Recreation Center.  A valid ESU ID is required to rent one, in addition to the completion of a bicycle borrower agreement, according to the recreation center website.  

The bikes can be checked out for up to seven days and come with a helmet, cable lock, safety guide and maintenance for any normal use or wear issues, according to the website.  

There are bike trails located in the campus woods, just north of ESU. The trails feature turns, climbs and terrain changes, according to visitemporia.com. 

For students who would prefer to spend their free time indoors, Granada Coffee, 809 Commercial St, and Gravel City Roasters, 608 Commercial St, offer a location for just that. Now that it’s fall, both shops are adding more seasonal drinks to their menus.   

“Here at Gravel City, people can have a pumpkin spice, can order also cinnamon dolce, a peppermint mocha, I have a grasshopper which is a different type of mocha with mint,” Joe Corn, barista at Gravel City, said.  

In addition to those fall flavors, Gravel City is also experimenting with a pumpkin spice smoothie. It’s not currently available, but they’re working on it, according to Corn.  

Granada Coffee offers seasonal syrups as well, including Christmas themed drinks.  

“It started to get popular now because it’s in season," said Kasey Besack, Granada Coffee barista. “When we (have) cooler weather we (have) a lot of people getting it.” 

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