tarnished brass

Emporia State students and alumni, play in Tarnished Brass, on Sept. 6 at Radius Brewing Co. Their next performance will be this Saturday at Mulready’s Pub. 

A brass band full of Emporia State alumni and students, Tarnished Brass, played on Sept. 4 at Radius Brewing Co. 

The band that started in 2017 as a brass quintet includes: Josh Cook, Javier Chavez, Bob Haselhuhn, Grant Perkins, Billy Bostic, JD Pederson and Adrian Ingles. Each member has attended classes of some kind at ESU, according to Chavez. 

“Around my freshman year, we played at an event called ‘Live in the Lot’ over the summer,” said Javier Chavez, tenor saxophone player. “Josh Cook, our lead trumpet player got us all together.” 

Working around their schedules can be a challenge, according to Josh Cook, lead trumpet player. They have to balance their own careers, class work and rehearsals. 

“We try to schedule our rehearsals when we all have free time,” Cook said. “Unfortunately for us, that means we devote Sunday evenings to rehearsals.” 

Recitals are very different from the gigs they’ve played at bars, such as Radius. They go from strictly formal attire with a more solemn atmosphere, to a laid back atmosphere where they act as background noise. 

“I’d say my favorite part, aside from being in a group where everyone is a close friend, is probably playing the music,” Cook said. 

Radius Brewing Co. was happy to have the band there for their performance and future events, according to Chad Swift, bartender. 

“It was pretty impromptu, and in the future we hope to promote them some more,” Swift said. “We are gonna have them come back for Octoberfest and hope to give them a bigger crowd.” 

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