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If you’re like me, then cleaning, putting things away and getting rid of things is a nightmare and something that you avoid. Ever since I was little, I have had trouble getting rid of things, especially clothes.

However, after watching “Tidying up with Marie Kondo,” a Netflix original, I was hooked and knew I needed to change.

Not only do I have a full wardrobe plus six full drawers at Emporia State, but I also have an entire dresser full of clothes at home. Half of the clothes I don’t wear and never will.

At first, when I started this series, it was almost like clean hoarders and I wasn’t too into it. But, after a few episodes I was hooked. Marie Kondo has her own method of cleaning, the KonMari method, which focuses on cleaning by category rather than by location.

The first step, and I think the most important step, is clothes. She always tells the people that if an item doesn’t spark joy in you, then you should get rid of it. This is what she says about everything that they are organizing, and it really seems to mean something to people.

This show is about so much more than just cleaning.

When Marie leaves, she leaves the people changed and in way better shape. The first couple we met was struggling, and everything going on was putting pressure on their relationship, but through this process, they found their wedding photos and started to get a grip on their lives. They were brought back together.

After about three episodes of this show, I had decided that I was going to do this. So I did as she did and dumped all of my clothes into a big pile and only kept things that sparked joy in me.

Now I’m inspired to clean up my life and only keep things that spark joy or are truly practical.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes cleaning things or likes satisfying things, but beware, if you watch this, you might end up in a pile of your own laundry, folding them nicely and getting rid of all those extra clothes.

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