The Office of International Education will host the International Food Festival at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 30 in Webb Hall in the Memorial Union. Representatives from 12 countries will participate.

“This year is different than the past. We worked with Sodexo. Students can cook at the kitchen actually all the ingredients is provided from Sodexo,” said Nana Cai, assistant director of OIE. “We are looking forward for 300 people to come for this event.” 

OIE also provides three prizes, they are “the table with the tastiest dishes,” “the ta-ble with the best cultural presentation” and “the RSO with the best presentation.”

“Each prize will provide $300 (item) to per team. It could be bookstore gift card, scholarship,” Cai said. “And financial sup-port package for campus programing, this is specific for the RSO. All the profit and money will go to James Heart scholarship funds.”

OIE wants to share diverse food from different countries with the community, and the food festival will be a good experi-ence for local people, according to Cai.

“We are collecting the recipes and in-gredients and the Sodexo is going to buy those ingredients,” Cai said. “Of course, we would love to share the recipe with Sodexo in the future to make our cafeteria have more diverse food.”

So far Sodexo has received 23 recipes spent around $300 on ordering the fresh vegetable, chicken, steak and pork belly. 

“We will have supervisor in the kitchen, make sure they washed their hands and tied up the give whatever they need,” said Myron Bridges, the general manager of Sodexo. “We have extensions to the stu-dents, so they have meal plan, if they want to swipe their meal plan to go there, we will cover that”

Students can use the card or cash or meal plan to get multiple tickets for the food in the food festival, according to the OIE.

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