El Lorito Fajita Texans

While Emporia has a great variety of Mexican restaurants, El Lorito at 2114 US-50 offers some of the best steaming flavors in town in an intimate space. 

Smaller than some of its contemporaries, El Lorito has an excellent array of lunch options and some specialty dishes worth their namesake. 

While I’m not a big meat eater, the Fajitas Texans, a steaming plate of beef, chicken and shrimp sounded too irresistible to not try. While a lot of restaurants offer Fajitas, I’ve never seen them as steaming hot as they were at El Lorito. 

While it took a bit for them to get around to me, it was cooked rather quickly which is pretty much essential to the taste of meat. With large servings of mixed meat its easy to not have everything cooked thoroughly but that was far from a problem. Glazed with onions, tomatoes and peppers, the Fajita burned my mouth in the best way possible. 

While the specialties are a bit more expensive than the lunch deals, the Fajitas Texans comes with guacamole salad, beans and rice, which more than makes up for the small price difference at $11.25. 

For another couple dollars I got a heaping cup of Horchata which may have had more cinnamon than I needed but was a sweet, cool compliment to the hotness of the dish. There are a few food trucks in town with amazing Horchata, but El Lorito’s was an easy contender for my favorite. 

While it may be a bit out of the way, its location on the highway makes it one of the best places to stop before you head out of town. I always find myself missing the familiar tastes of Emporia and El Lorito will be sure to leave a lasting impression. 

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