Luke Larson, graduate student in biology, and other participants play in the Fortnite competition Sunday in the Kanza Room of the Memorial Union. Each competitor was ranked by the number of kills and first place won a $100 cash prize.

Oakley Baldwin, senior accounting major, and Aaron Larson, senior business administration major, held a Fortnite tournament Sept. 23 in the Memorial Union.

The purpose of the tournament was to play and make new friends though the Fortnite game.

The first place prize was $100, but there will not likely be another tournament unless students ask, according to Larson.

More than 40 million users play around the world each month less than a year after the game debuted.

Twelve people participated and some of the students had been playing the game for a year.

“I’ve played this game (for) about a year, usually with my friends,” Larson said. “I have a few friends that I have met though the game, just matched with them randomly, (and) there’s a few in Emporia.”

Fortnite Battle Royale is the free 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite, and it was released in 2017 by Epic Games. The last one standing wins, according to the Fornite Epic Games website.

“I started to play towards the end of the second season,” Baldwin said. “Every ten weeks they kind of change how the maps look, and they add new stuff into it...It’s pretty fun. I like how they change what you could get and they change the guns all the time. Whenever they came out the season pass, there is always new stuff to try to accomplish.”

Another way people meet other Fortnite players is through Twitch, a live stream website

and app.

“You share videos and stuff like that,” Larson said. “I got a few followers on there.”

The students who play Fortnite also play other kinds of video games.

“There’s a game I like more than this, but this one is the popular (one) right now,” said Hudson Doudna, sophomore information system major. “I like to play Overwatch.”

Recently, however, Fortnite is becoming the more popular game to play.

“I played Call of Duty when I was in high school, but this (Fortnite) is about the only game I play when I have time to do it,” Baldwin said. “I play 2K, it’s like an NBA game. If I’m by myself and nobody else can play, I will play 2K; but if I got a group of people, Fortnite is pretty fun.”

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