Insidious #1

This one is scary as hell. I don’t care who you are, you can’t tell me a movie about demons that try to possess a kid isn't scary. I’ve seen this one and it’s legit terrifying every time. Tons of jump scares, tons of creepy demon/ghost things, little kids and psychics. There’s really a little something spooky in there for everyone. Halloween is a perfect time to watch this movie, especially if you’re feeling the need to stay up all night--good luck sleeping after watching this.

Mara #2

This movie was freaky. I do not like movies that make me question being able to sleep safely and this one definitely did that. It’s about a sleep demon that slowly kills people that suffer from sleep paralysis. Talk about scary. There were quite a few jump scares and my roommate and I made sure to watch a “happy” movie before we went to bed that night. It’s not what I expected from the title, but I was impressed overall.

The Babysitter #3

This is under the horror genre but turned out to be more of a horrifying comedy. When I saw it as a horror movie on Netflix, I was interested. However, within ten minutes you could tell it was more ridiculous than anything. It was extremely funny. The babysitter puts this twelve year old kid to bed (though little does she know, he’s not asleep). The boy watches his babysitter and her friends that come over thinking it’s just stupid teenagers that are partying. Turns out, they sacrifice this random teen they bring over because they’re part of a cult. The kid freaks out and the whole movie is him trying to avoid being killed by these teens. Honestly, kind of ridiculous and definitely shouldn’t be on the horror genre despite how gory it is. Though it wasn’t scary, I’d definitely recommend watching it. Perfect October movie.

In The Tall Grass #4

This movie starts out kind of slow. The characters; a brother and his pregnant sister are headed to meet a pair that might adopt her baby when they stop by a field of (you guessed it) tall grass. They hear a little boy crying out for help and honestly from there it turns into a complete and total mind f***. They can’t get out of the grass and are there for two months (though it felt like hours) when the guy who got her pregnant enters into the grass himself. They try to avoid this guy who’s trying to kill them or get them to touch “the rock” that’s actually a giant boulder that apparently will help them escape and know things. It’s definitely a psychological thriller but you have to make sure you’re paying attention the whole time. There’s not many jump scares but enough to make you ask ‘what the hell?’ a few times. Plus, they mention going back to Topeka in the end and that’s a Kansas reference.

Truth Or Dare #5

This is in this category simply because it is so gruesome. Spoiler alert*: people eat burnt human flesh and cut off body parts. Basically, these teenagers rent out this creepy house to drink and play truth or dare. However, it turns into a curse where they have to do extremely dangerous dares or else they’ll die. It gets graphic, people die. The ideal horror movie for anyone interested in those categories. Just remember, you shouldn’t expect a happy ending.

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