Messer, a modern rock group, performed at the Bourbon Cowboy, 605 Commercial St., Saturday night and, even with the late start, it was definitely worth it. 

They started off with one of their top songs, “One More Time,” a rock ballad. The song is about losing someone you love and wanting to get the chance to be with them, just one more time.          

This song really hit home for me, and for a lot of those in the crowd, since most people have lost someone close to them. Messer felt the same connection, with both the song and the audience while performing it.

Another crowd favorite was “Save Myself,” which is a banger about getting out of a toxic relationship. 

I really like the music video for this song because it shows that not only a man can be the toxic person, but that women can be too.

Toxic relationships are far too common and they are some of the hardest relationships to walk away from, but, as Messer’s songs says, sometimes you just have to save yourself.

Messer’s sound is a lot like Linkin Park or Korn. All the guys in the band have amazing voices and clearly had a talent for music.

The lead singer’s voice is almost like an ode to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, but with a little less gravelly distortion. 

He has a lot of control over his voice. It can be really smooth and connected, but also a real powerhouse when called for. 

I think Messer is a great band. Their lyrics, music and passion for performance make them truly top notch. It was a pleasure to see just how much effort they put into their music and the live show.

I’m glad they came to Emporia and would gladly attend one of their shows again. 

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