The Rocky Horror Picture Interactive Show at the Granada Theater last Friday night was fabulous.

The event started off with a costume contest and had a huge number of participants. All the contestants were led on stage and the crowd decided who won. The contestant who won was dressed as a very colorful Frankfurter. It wasn’t quite a full house, but it sure sounded like a packed venue once the movie began.

The theater also gave everyone goody-bags for the occasion, but they weren’t goodybags for people to take home.

They had items to use during the show. During the wedding scene, they had rice for the audience to throw and a piece of newspaper to put on your head when they made rain with little water guns and a sprinkler up above.

They also had toast to throw at the toasting scene, which meant if you were sitting up front you got pelted with bread. The final items were cards to throw towards the end during the last song. One of the best parts was when almost everyone got up to dance the Time Warp. About six people went up front to dance and the people working the theater started flashing the spotlights.

Through the entire show, almost everyone sang along to the songs and yelled lines to go along with the movie. There were even some veterans who had the entire movie memorized and would yell weird questions the movie would then shortly answer. It was all really hilarious and fun.

It was really nice to see so many people from the community come together to just have a good time. The movie itself is a cult classic and most people have seen it. It definitely helps support the LGBTQ community.

The character presented and the attitudes toward them present an acceptance towards LGBTQ culture. I would like to see Emporia State Theater perform the show. It would be a way to support our PRIDE members and LGBTQ Hornets. I think many people from the community would come to watch it and have a chance to see our talented theater department.

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