Zoiks!, the improv based comedy group at Emporia State, held their first workshop for the year last Wednesday night at Bruder theater in preparation for auditions. 

“The workshop is for people who want a head start in the audition process,” said Myra Cassady, senior recreation major. “We’re gonna be going over some of the games we play and the skills we use that will help people be successful in improv.” 

About 16 people attended the workshop. 

“I’m the technical director for Zoiks!,” said Lucas Coble, junior theater major. “I’m mainly responsible for the technical needs that they have, (like) figuring out the lights for their spaces, figuring out the pre-show and post show music.” 

According to Cassady and Coble, the group has done a lot more in recent years to get the word out about events like the workshop. Cassady said she didn’t know about when she was a freshman. 

“I did Improv in the thespian convention for three years in high school and it was something that was really fun,” said Jack Jaworski, freshman secondary English education major. “It seems like a good way to grow as an actor and have fun, make people laugh.” 

Jaworski was one of several participants who came for the workshop in preparation for the auditions Sept. 6. 

There are lots of learning opportunities at the workshops, according to Coble. 

“I think the benefit (of having workshops) is for people who are kind of a bit timid and haven’t tried it before to get that experience of doing improv which is super helpful,” Coble said. 

Coble said individual growth is another valuable aspect of Zoiks!. 

“I would say the benefit of joining Zoiks! is growing as an individual…It’s also great for teambuilding because you aren’t the only one on stage, you have multiple partners to help build this scene together,” Coble said. “Its another outlet for you to act.” 

The first Zoiks! show will be Oct. 25 in Bruder theater. 

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