Trying to make the best of a rainy day I decided to grab a bite between classes. 

Of the many places in town to get burgers I had only been recommended one, J’s Carryout, 27 Commercial St. 

Having largely abstained from fast food, I was hoping to get a burger worth the trudge through the rain.

My first time at J’s, I asked the cashier what they recommended and settled on a cheeseburger with no pickles, with jalapeños on the side and a small order of fries. 

Unsurprisingly, the menu featured a variety of carryout foods like burgers, coneys and corndogs but not much else. 

With a handful of what seemed to be regular customers, the staff did a great job refilling drinks in the small, somewhat cramped space. 

With people coming and going each received a warm “Welcome!” and “Thank you for coming!” from the friendly staff. 

I noticed a handful of awards that were displayed next to the entrance. One of which was the “Best Burger in Town” awarded by the Emporia Gazette a few years before. 

The burger was good, but hardly the best. 

Cooked well-done, it was an impressive patty. The cheeseburger was far better than any fast food you could get, but pricey considering they had no lunch or meal deals.

This was my main compliant: underwhelming and overpriced.

With the jalapeños the burger was noticeably better.

Even though I ordered a small fry, I got plenty. Not too salty or burnt, the fries were crisp and warm. 

For about $8 J’s Carryout was worth the visit. It was a quick bite, but it left me with a lasting impression of the local foods that Emporian’s continue to create. 

That said, I am excited to see where else my travels take me. Hopefully somewhere  a little more exciting.

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Simon Tam

I enjoyed this article, but one quibble:

How can you review J's and not mention the *free* soft-serve ice cream!?

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