Union Activities Council sponsored two escape rooms last Thrusday in the Memorial Union which around 90 people participated in. There were two rooms, one was named “Extinction Level” and the other “Snowglobe.”

“Snowglobe is a snow themed event and Extinction Level is an army/war type themed event,” said Lisa Foster, the president of Union Activities Council. “Students (were) expected to show up and solve different clues in 30 minutes to essentially ‘breakout’ of the room of their choice. After solving all the clues, they were able to escape the room.”

All of the sessions were filled, according to Foster.

“This room (Extinction Level) is based off of the story that an asteroid has been detected by NASA satellites,” said Kathryn Born, junior elementary education major. “There are only 25 minutes to intercept the asteroid with a combined missile attack. Unfortunately, the Army’s mobile nuclear launch station 3201 has been attacked by terrorists.  The staff is dead, and the launch keys are missing. The team must solve puzzles and find five launch keys to save the world.” 

Snowglobe was based on the premise of an angry Jack Frost who felt like his talents were ignored by his parents, so he stole Father Time’s clock and Mother Nature’s pendant.

“I participated in the extinction escape room. It took us roughly 23 minutes, so we had seven minutes to spare,” said Blake Webber, freshman elementary education major. “It wasn’t too hard, just took team work and trying different ways to escape. I liked it. It was a fun thing to do with friends and spend time working together.” 

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