This past weekend, Emporia State took two debate partnerships to a tournament in Chicago this past weekend.

One team, Kalese Warfield and Nico Sims, won six out of eight debates and beat Wichita State, Minnesota, two Rutgers Newark teams, Emory, UC Berkeley and advanced to the double octo-finals.

They lost during the octo-finals to Emory.

“It’s really fun to travel...all over the country and be able to meet different people from different places,” said Warfield, sophomore business administration major.

Additionally, Warfield was ranked the fourth best speaker at the tournament out of 240.

“(She was) only beaten by speakers from Harvard, Indiana, and Berkeley,” said Christopher Loghry, director of debate. “It was a really good weekend.”

The other team, Squid Monteith and Keryk Kuiper won four out of eight debates and beat Gonzaga, Michigan State, Minnesota and Baylor.

This year’s topic of debate is The United States Federal Government should restrict executive power on the president in a few different areas, according to Warfield.

The debate team is still looking to recruit members, according to Loghry.

“We have a kind of (on-going) walk-on policy where anybody who is interested is welcome,” said Courtney Schauer, assistant director of debate.

Schauer said they are looking for students who are interested in competition, are civically engaged and want their voices heard.

“I do think that even if you aren’t the most competitive in debate or you don’t have...the most success in it that it’s just some thing that’s fun to do,” said Matt LaMunyon, sophomore secondary education major. “You get to learn about a lot of interesting topics and...engage with a lot of different worldviews.”

Tournaments take place over the weekend and are three-day competitions.

Those interested in joining debate should email Chris Loghry, debate coach, at


Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the debate team lost during the double octo-finals to Emory, when they lost during the octo-finals. We apologize for this mistake and have corrected it. 

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