Mary-Pat Hector gives a speech about fighting the food insecurity on Nov. 7 in Skyline room. Hector has been fighting food insecurity for 3 years. 

Emporia at the Table Initiative invited Mary-Pat Hector to speak on fighting food insecurity Nov. 7 in the Skyline room. Hector is the youngest person to run for office in Atlanta. She has been fighting food insecurity for about three years, and worked for National Action Network for seven years. 

“One of the things she did was help raise 75,000 meals for HBCU use, which is Historic Black Culture University,” said Paul Frost, Associated Student Government president and senior management major. “She’s made a notable difference help raise food security in college.” 

Hector was inspired by her grandma who told her not to wait to make the change, and her friend who was a victim of food insecurity. She shared her experiences of hunger striking to raise awareness. 

“It seems a very very big process because the type of action, so normally on campus students would protest or they would have rallies, but we want to do something that had never been done on campus… and it was a hard progress,” Hector said. 

Jasmine Linabary, assistant professor in the communication and theatre departments and Rodriguez Carey, assistant professor in the sociology department applied for a High Impact Learning Grant of about $3,500, in order to do the research, education, and invite speakers to campus. 

“Nationally, we know about 45 % of college students have experienced the food insecurity…Corky’s cupboard this year actually has seen a raise in the number of students who come to it,” Linabary said. “Later in the Spring we will know the scope of problem of ESU campus. 

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