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With its many local attractions, Emporia continues to offer me unexpected places to explore, most recently a Mexican restaurant, Taqueria El Marmol.

Located at the corner on 23 E 6th Avenue, El Marmol is supposed to have the most authentic Mexican food in town.

Like a diamond in the rough, El Marmol was a welcomed surprise.

A smaller venue, the place is decorated with a few plants, piñatas and some tables lining the walls with booths next to the windows.

The menu is plastered on the wall behind the counter. With a handful of choices, it didn’t take long to decide on the quesadilla meal with a barbacoa taco and pupusa de chicharrón.

I sat at the booth next to the window as I watched the fog roll into town.

I was brought some chips and salsa that didn’t last long. I didn’t ever get more chips, but the food came out pretty quick, so it wasn’t much of a problem.

Other than me, a handful of people were sitting in the far corner, it was a slow Friday afternoon.

With rice and refried beans to start off, the quesadilla meal was enormous. With melted cheese, onions, cilantro and steak, the quesadilla lasted me the rest of the night.

With hot sauce, the quesadillas would get soggy but when folded over they were better than ever.

While filling, the quesadilla wasn’t why I had come. All my friends can talk about recently are these small tacos they make for $1.50 that are supposedly the best tacos they’ve ever had. I could hardly disagree.

While snack sized, the tacos were good. With lime and salt, they were out of this world. I could have ordered ten more. They were that good.

The pupusa was warm and went really well with the rice but was certainly outshined by

the tacos.

For about $16, the service could have done better with refills, but the food was certainly worth the drive through traffic.

If you find yourself wanting Mexican, the drive into town is certainly worth it.

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