Hanna Murphy

One thing that Emporia is known for is being the founding city of Veterans Day. Every year, there are always dozens of activities to participate in. From art exhibits to a memorial service, there is plenty to do in the small town of Emporia to celebrate Veterans Day.

“Veterans Day is very special to us as a community, and as a whole,” said Gwen Larson, the director of media relations.

To kick off the celebrations, on Nov. 6, there was a Veterans Celebration in front of Plumb Hall, as well as the grand opening of the Student Veteran Center in South Morse Hall.

The big celebration that many look forward to every year, however, is the big parade on Veterans Day. Having the same set up every year, many groups and organizations come together to form a long line of floats, cars, or just several groups of people walking with signs and banners.

People even come from outside of Lyon County, just to participate in the parade, or be a part of the crowd.

When it comes to organizing the event of the Veterans Celebrations, this is the first year where this event will be celebrated as one big event, instead of just the usual flag celebration in front of Plumb Hall and the Veterans Appreciation Luncheon.

“With COVID restrictions, we had to reimagine this event as a whole,” said Tiffany Wilson, the alumni programs coordinator.

As shown by Wilson, COVID restrictions may have been a block in preparations when celebrating our veterans, but that doesn’t mean it put a damper on the celebrations.

“Veterans Day celebrations hold a special place in my heart, our veterans gave their life, selflessly for the love of their country, and I always love a chance to say ‘Thank you,’” said Wilson.

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