Chase Snider is the only instructor of German ESU has and he will offer German III as a new summer class. This is the highest level of the German language ESU has ever provided.

German III, the highest level of German language course Emporia State has ever provided, is being offered for this summer semester. 

German language is offered as a general education course that students can take to fulfill their modern languages requirements. ESU has never offered a German course higher than German II before this summer.  

Usually, ESU only offers German I and II because there is currently only one German language instructor, Chase Snider. 

“This would be the first time I’m teaching in summer, but it is going to be different than my regular semester courses,” Snider said. “It will be a lot shorter, a lot more intense. And also, since this is German III, we’re going to focus a lot less on learning new grammar concepts and focus more on using what we know.”  

The class will analyze and discuss the popular German book “Momo” by Michael Ende. They will meet four times a week from July 5 to Aug. 12. 

“I am including the German Language on my career,” said Jon Tre Karagianis, a junior history major who is currently enrolled in German III for this summer. “I want to do archeology and I was thinking to go to school in Germany and, like work there.” 

Summer classes are intense since they are taught in a shorter amount of time than a regular semester. But they can help students to advance in school, even if they want to explore a new course, like German III, or if they want to accelerate their time for graduation. 

“I think there’s many things that summer school is important for,” said Shelly Gehrke, vice president for enrollment management and student success. “It’s an opportunity for them to have some continuity (with classes), it’s also an opportunity to raise your GPA with ESU credit hours. So, lots of different ways that summer classes are beneficial.” 

Enrollment for summer classes is still open and students can browse their options and the new courses with their advisers. Incoming students can enroll at Hornet Connection. 

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