Thomas Silkman, owner of Flint Hills Music, 715 Commercial Street, is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the number of guitars strings changed in an hour.

“I’ve always wanted to do a world record attempt and was just looking some up and saw this one and thought it would be fun for us to do here,” Silkman said.  

The current record is 183 strings in one hour, which is 30 complete guitars and half of a 31st, set in 2009 by Glenn Haworth in Australia, according to

The record is time based and has nothing to do with the tools used, only how many strings are changed and tuned in one hour, Silkman said.

“It’s pretty open as far as what tools you’re able to use,” Silkman said. “I’ll be using an electric screwdriver and then an electric tuner, which is similar to what’s been used on a lot of the different attempts.”

His attempt involves most of the staff at Flint Hills Music, according to Silkman.

“It’s not just me doing this, it’s going to take a whole group of us, so most of the staff here are involved in the attempt,” Silkman said. “It’s kind of like a NASCAR pit crew style kind of thing, where we’re going to have, everybody has kind of a different job, sort of like an assembly line.”

They have been practicing every day, but have yet to attempt an entire hour at once. 

“Since we haven’t done an entire hour yet at one time, when we’ve been practicing we’ve been doing runs of five guitars at a time and then average out what our time is on that to give us an idea of how we’ll do on Friday,” Silkman said. 

In order for their attempt to be considered official, they had to apply to Guinness, according to Silkman. 

“It’s a verified record so we have to meet a lot of different criteria for how it’s filmed, how record is kept, how time is kept, that sort of thing,” Silkman said. “Once it’s completed, we’ll submit all of our evidence to Guinness for verification.”

For an attempt to qualify for a record, it has to be measurable, provable, have a single superlative, be beatable and be interesting, according to

Silkman will be attempting to break the world record 5 p.m. Friday, at Flint Hills Music. The event is open to the public, but there is limited space in the store and spectators will have to stay in one half of the store. 

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