Hannah Jeffers-Huser, senior social science education major, participates in an activity during the Quivira meeting Monday in Plumb Hall. Jeffers-Huser is publishing her first novel, “What Lies Beyond,” which is currently available for purchase.

Hannah Jeffers-Huser, senior secondary social science education major, has completed and published a novel entitled “What Lies Beyond,” which is currently available for purchase at Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore.

“Writing a novel has always been a dream of mine, but I never could finish any ideas I started,” Jeffers-Huser said.

As she worked towards the final product, Jeffers-Huser pushed through adversity.

“A writer’s biggest critic is usually themselves,” Jeffers-Huser said. “I’ll rewrite the same sentence a dozen times in a first draft before I am even close to satisfied.”

Ralvell Rogers II, senior English major, is Jeffers-Huser’s marketing correspondent.

“As an author, I would describe Hannah as very imaginative, patient and particular,” Rogers said. “Unlike other writers, such as myself, Hannah is the type of author who actually loves to edit her work.”

Rogers said he is excited about the introduction of the novel to Emporia State students because of the story behind the story.

“The release of this novel not only tells struggling writers and artists that they can achieve their dreams in unconventional ways while still attending a small-town college such as ESU, but it tells the rest of the hornet community that as well,” Rogers said.

As far as the novel goes, ESU students will have to buy a copy of the book; however, Jeffers-Huser was willing to share a sneak-peek of her favorite scene.

“It’s a light-hearted scene that was very fun to write; it is a scene where Halona and Adair (the two main characters) are sitting on the bank of a lake making flower crowns,” Jeffers-Huser said. “I needed to expand on the chapter, and I needed a scene in which Halona and Adair could relax after going through hell.”

Hannah Jeffers-Huser’s website foreshadows another book coming soon, as the site said, “Huser is in the process of writing book two.”

Jeffers-Huser will be at Ellen Plumb’s, 1122 Commercialy St., starting at 5:30 Dec. 5 for a book signing event.

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