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From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. tonight Emporians can attend the Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff event and see dancers, eat food and take part in activities like face painting.

The event is sponsored by the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and will be held in Kellogg Circle, outside of Plumb Hall, according to the Facebook event page.

In addition to the performances by dancers and food from local venders, Kappa Delta Chi, ESU’s Hispanic sorority, will also be raising money for their philanthropy “Shaelie’s Wish.”

“We just try to participate in events all in the community and we try to show what the Hispanic community is,” said Itzy Aparicio, alumna and charter member of KDC. “It’s nice to show people what our actual culture is because a you see…things on the T.V….but a lot of people are not really sure what it’s like to be a Hispanic…”

The event can help share Hispanic culture with those who would not otherwise be exposed to it, Aparicio said.

“People might not be exposed to eating food from different countries or seeing the culture and showing them through these events…seeing some of our dances or some of our food or how we’re so friendly as people,” Aparcio said.

Chevelle Balcacer, junior psychology major and president of KDC, said that the folkloric dancers do “a lot of dances that are regional to some areas like Mexico.

According to Chevelle Balacer, junior psychology major, “in past years they used to have them from other countries.”

“They have these big, colorful dresses and…the youngest little girl that they have is maybe nine,” Balacer said.

Last year, the event included a variety of food, such as elote corn and pin tacos, Balcacer said.

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