One of the newest Registered Student Organizations to form on campus has brought with it not only a reminder of the importance of fighting against hunger, but edible solutions as well. With the creation of a community garden, Hornets against Hunger seek to do more than just talk about the community’s problems, but address them with solutions.

“We wanted to start an RSO so that way we can engage at the student body level and really just get everyone to be kind of, the boots on the ground for EAT or Corky’s Cupboard,” Weist said. “It is really for anyone else that wants to help or employ us as long as it's necessary.”

A plot for gardening was donated near the library for warm weather plants in addition to the previous plot near Grace United Methodist Church. The plot will give Hornets Against Hunger more room to garden and create an added awareness for students who want to volunteer or are in need of food assistance. 

“(The plot of land on campus) was previously managed by the Dean of the Library Sciences. I had a meeting with her and she wants to donate it to us for management and to be able to give us a little bit more visibility,” said Tania Weist, senior botany major. 

Weist said the group sprang into action modeling after Emporia at the Table and the campus EAT initiative, which were both more policy oriented.

“Lauren, Tessa and I are all volunteers at Emporia at the Table,” Weist said. “Dr. Linabary has been wanting to start a club because EAT is very important but it is really focused on research and kind of policy level stuff.”

The group currently has thirteen members to maintain the plots of land but are hoping for more students to join soon as the temperature increases and growing plants becomes more feasible. 

“I'm so excited to see what our students are able to do,” said Lauren Moon, sophomore biology and chemistry education major. “And to pass it on and kind of delegate those gardening things.” 

Students needing assistance can contact Corky’s Cupboard at 620-341-5465 or visit on weekdays from noon - 5 p.m. in the student union. 

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