Honors College donates 60 canned goods to Corky’s Cupboard

Students dance at the Spring Ball yesterday in the ballroom. About 60 canned food items were raised to donate to Corky’s Cupboard.

The Honors College held a Spring Ball last night which raised about 60 canned food items. The canned food will be donated to Corky’s Cupboard. 

“It went very well. We had a very good turn out and it looks like everyone is having a lot of fun.” said Lauren Taphorn, social chair of the Honors College and sophomore elementary education major. 

The Spring Ball is a formal dance event where students wear fancy dress clothes. 

“I love the dances the Honors College puts on because its only two a year, and my favorite thing in the world is dancing,” said Mark Clark, senior marketing major. 

The Spring Ball was held in Webb Hall in the Memorial Union. 

“We’ve been hosting it annually,” said Brenda Wiggins, administrative specialist of Honors College. “It’s planned by a group of our students.” 

The Honors College holds two dances every year. The Spring Ball is open to all students, and provides an opportunity to get more students involved in a formal event, according to Wiggins. 

“Our budget is $1000. We will have a DJ that was taken most off from our budget. We had him last year and he did an excellent job,” Lauren Taphorn said. “There will be cookies and brownies from Sodexo, and I bought some really cool decorations.” 

The decorations consisted of mason jars, fairy lights, and a photo booth, according to Bobbi Rookstool, sophomore English education major. The Honors College also set up 12 tables. 

“Last year, they ordered flowers for decoration, and I didn’t order any flowers this year. This is about the biggest difference,” Taphorn said. “Flowers are kind of expensive, and I was trying to find a new way to decorate.” 

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