Community Hornets and sorority and fraternity life held a seatbelt campaign Nov. 14 and 15 in the Memorial Union to spread awareness about ‘buckling up’ while driving.

“We decided to do around Thanksgiving, because we had found that the most people died from car crashes that they are not wearing their seatbelt are over Thanksgiving, ” said Katie Ollenburger, Sigma Sigma Sigma vice president and senior elementary education major. “The students are going home for Thanksgiving break. ”

In 2016 there were 30,041 people killed in car accidents while not wearing their seatbelt in during the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend in United States, and we don’t want any of our students lost their lives, according to Ollenburger.

“We are asking them to sign on a banner, (have) free hot chocolate, and we have various facts on the walls,” said Blythe Eddy, director of students activities and community serves. “It’s a little survey that we have, how often do you buckled up, we have a drawing for seatbelt campaign t-shirt.” There are also other events, like taking pictures and writing a thank you note to family.

“It’s kind of promoting like wearing your seatbelt over your holiday season, everyday of course, but especially students are traveling back home,” Ollenberger said.

The event is open to everyone.

“I think this event that opens people’s eyes about wearing seatbelt is very important even though it may not seems that important can save your life,” said Katie Born, Chi Omega member and junior student of elementary education major. “I buckled up because my family are really important to me, so I want to make sure I will be safe in the holiday and to celebrate with them.”

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