Over the 2018-19 school year, The Bulletin has featured nine cats and five dogs that are up for adoption at the Emporia Animal Shelter, 1216 Hatcher St., in our regular Corky’s Fuzzy Friends feature. 

All of the animals have since been adopted or sent to rescue with the exception of Billie, a cat featured in the March 28 edition of The Bulletin. 

“We haven’t put any adoptable animals down in the last couple years for space,” said Peggy Perez, the shelter manager in an email. “Everyone coming through the shelter has been adopted or sent to rescue.” 

In the future, the shelter said they will work to track individual featured pets to see exactly where they go. 

Barbara Haynes, a shelter assistant, has adopted and nursed several animals from the shelter. 

“The adoption process is simple,” Haynes said. “Usually we process it overnight and you can be approved by the next day.” 

If approved, there is a $20 adoption fee for adult cats, kittens, adult dogs or a $75 fee for puppies and purebred dogs, and a deposit is required. 

The deposit is $130 for dogs and $55 for cats, which is returned after they are fixed, according to their website. 

“We’re lucky to have such a low Euthanasia rate,” said Haynes. “It helps everyone when you adopt.” 

Prospective pet owners should do plenty of research about the breed or animal they plan to adopt and general care tips, according to Haynes. 

“When you adopt, make sure to ask plenty of questions,” Haynes said. “Most of the time you may not be their first owner, but that doesn’t mean they have any less love to give.” 

Chad Moberly, a shelter assistant, has worked there since graduating high school. 

“There are too many animals out there because so many people think they can be good breeders, and they’re often irresponsible,” said Moberly. “Adopt don’t shop.”

The shelter will be having an open house from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 4. 

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