Live at the Hive

he Box Turtlescantando un mashup de los éxitos más grandes de los Weezers durante el nuevo evento de tailgate, Live at theHive. Live at theHivetuvo música en vivo en un escenario en el estacionamiento para todos aquellos que atendieron.  

Game day tailgates, live music, games, and food are all offered with Emporia State’s new initiative to make students active, Live at the Hive. 

“It’s a new tailgating experience, plus a lot of other stuff, that we’ve put together to really lift the excitement pregame and then have that energy follow into the football game.” Said Gwen Larson, director of ESU’s media relations. 

Cornhole, the stage with a band, food trucks, ESU merchandise table, and a photobooth are all available at the venue. Live at the Hive is free to attend, but everything inside does cost money. Cash and cards are accepted, unless paid for by a VIP ticket, a tent in the area will have free food from restaurants in Emporia. 

Larson also said that President Ken Hush, community members, and students all were wanting a change. Students were asked what they expected in a tailgate experience, along with parents of students, alumni, and community members. 

The parking lot directly in front of the stadium is booked for the VIP experience. This means that even students living in Abigail Morse will have to move. However, they only have to move during the event for a few hours and all campus parking is free on the weekends. 

Next to the VIP parking lot is a designated 40 spots for students, first come first serve, and behind them is Live at the Hive. Anyone can tailgate at the usual free parking spots, like behind the rec parking lot, as well. 

Before Covid-19 and before Krossover Tennis complex existed, there was a parking lot designated for ESU tailgates. Later on, the tennis complex was built and then the pandemic hit. Larson said that when all of this occurred, the school had to take away some traditions. 

“Not only was it talking to people, but Covid gave us a chance to recalibrate a lot of things.” Larson said. “So it’s just a great time to completely reimagine what we want pregame to be.” 

The first band to perform at the event is the rock band, The Box Turtles. None of the band is from the original line up, the current group has been together for about a year and a half. The Box Turtles, however, have been around for seven years. The group is based in Manhattan with one album out and a new album coming out soon. 

They play anywhere they can, which tends to be dive bars or whoever will pay them according to the band. 

The Turtles were brought to Emporia by “sound guy Hanko” recommending them to Mike Law. They are the only band set to play for the evening and planned on singing covers. They mostly do mashups, for example, putting five Weezer songs together as one song with smooth transitions. 

Anyone can listen to The Box Turtles on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, or Youtube. They do have a Youtube video up. 

“Hit us up on Facebook and we can send you some merch.” The band said. 

Undeclared sophomore Sidney Shelby and Nursing major junior Mayte Breithaupt thought the event would be better with more games. They want bigger lawn games, not just specifically cornhole, but they were very pleased to find live music and food trucks. The pair thought the food truck vendors had variety with good options. 

“I was really surprised to see that they weren’t just stereo, just a DJ,” said Breithaupt. They hope to not only continue seeing live bands, but maybe more. 

The two did admit that Live at the Hive is the only reason they were there and would go to the game, at least for a little while. They wouldn’t have gone to the game without the new tailgate experience. 

Live at the Hive starts two and a half hours before kick off and will shut down before the game starts to encourage people going in. 

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