Emporia Arts Council and Emporia State will present the iLuminate at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 18, in Albert Taylor Hall, free for ESU students.

“It’s infusing technology with the performing art. It is a total black out stage...The founder and director of the performance used coding,” said Dawn Young, the executive director of EAC. “The coding is used with their suits they wear...This is all strictly done with the computer and lighting and sound. Their suits light up to go with the music. They’re pretty amazing.”

iLuminate became popular as the finalists on America’s Got Talent in 2011. They have traveled the country and internationally.

“They have performed in ‘Music Television’, ‘Ellen Degeneres’, all sorts of big names. That’s where they really exploded and everybody started knowing their name,” Young said. “To have them in Emporia is pretty phenomenal.”

EAC’s art programs go to the ESU special events board for grant. That money helps to pay the tickets for students to go to all the performance for free, according to Young.

“EAC has worked with ESU for 43 years...We do a lot of reach out programs with students,” Young said. “We (also) have a great connection with ESU.”

The theater and dance students are asked to attend the iLuminate if they are available, according to Jim Bartruff, the director of theater.

“We encourage our students to attend because our dance students and theatre students who are interest in dance with technology will benefit from seeing their performance,” said Bartruff. “They (dance students) need to be able to see modern dance in all of this performance, and it’s a free event. It’s an easy way for them to do that.”

The iLuminate is a unique dance program, combining storytelling, music and technology.

“I hope as many students who can try to make it out, ‘cause sometimes the programs that are brought are once in lifetime. You may never get to see them again,” Eddy said.

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