Daniel Baldwin, Emporia State and Phi Delta Theta alum takes a turn sitting on the pole during the annual pole sit. The pole sit is a fundraiser where Phi Delta Theta members sit on a 12.5 foot pole for 24 hours. All proceeds go to SOS, the domestic violence shelter in Emporia.

Phi Delta Theta fraternity broke their previous record of $4,200 at their 34th annual pole sit last weekend.

Every year, the members of Phi Delta Theta sit for 24 hours on a 12.5 foot pole to raise money for SOS, the domestic violence shelter in Emporia.

The morning began with pancakes at 6 a.m. The fraternity members went for 27 hours, rather than their typical 24, to make sure they caught rush hour.

Corey Mann, junior music education and vocal performance major said he didn’t realize the actual impact until a woman approached him while singing in church and gave him an offering for the fundraiser. Once he opened it the envelope had a letter that said the woman was a survivor of domestic abuse.

Scott Capes, environmental science professor, mentioned that over the past 83 years, $86,000 total had been raised.

Capes Commented on how important their connection to SOS is. He believes that the young men of Phi Delta Theta need to be exposed to the impacts of domestic violence and the work done to raise money instills the effects of domestic violence in the men.

Daniel Lazzers, senior interdisciplinary studies major, commented on how special it is to work on something that is important while enjoying time with his brothers. Lazzers believes the pole sit is the longest running Greek life tradition on campus.

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