Quivira puts a twist on their pen pal project this year. This new version includes having members of the club drawing writing prompts out of a box and then sending that person what they wrote of the writing prompt they drew out of a different box.

Quivira is a creative writing club on campus. This club is for students who want to grow as writers. However, participants do not have to be just writers they can join if they want to read their peers’ writing as well. President of the club, Kelly Sullivan, is trying to change the traditional writing circuit and turn it into a pen pal format. She hopes to set up a table outside of Plumb Hall someday so that they can receive more emails to share. 

The goal of this activity is to write a response to the prompt and before the next club meeting and gain input from your pal. This can help writers grow and learn different ways to write. Even though this activity has already started, interested students can still join and still partake. Quivira is always accepting new members and no applications are necessary. “Come in whenever,” said Sullivan. 

“Quivira has been around for 66 years” said faculty advisor Amy Sage Webb Baza. She has worked for the campus since 1996 (26 years). Quivira is a literary club open to all students no matter their major or year. Students can workshop what they write or what their peers write, they offer helpful feedback, the club goes on trips together, write manuscripts, and they might try their hand at podcasting next semester. The club is a community of people who share an interest in writing or literary activities. 

The activities that take place depend on the active members of that school year and that is why Sullivan could start the pen pal activity. This fall break the club took a trip to KC to the American Jazz Museum and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to do some writing about art. 

If this does not fully have students' interests there is another club called the Slam Poetry Society. This is solely for slam poetry. Quivira also offers a journal that publishes members’ writing and artwork. If students want to learn more about the club, the officers are preparing to start a club page and update online membership. Students can find them on Hornet Central or email them at “quivira@emporia.edu.”

Baza wants students to know that, “Any student who is interested in creative writing can come to Quivira club meetings. The environment is supportive and encouraging. We have members from many different majors and areas of campus. Also, don’t forget that any current student can submit creative writing or visual art for publication in the _Quivira_ literary journal, which is produced each spring. The calls for submissions go out on Hornet Announcements and other means, and you can submit your work by email.”

Quivira meets every Thursday night from six to eight in room 304 in Plumb Hall.

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