Recreation Services kicked off the Healthy Hornet Challenge that will run from Jan. 28 to Feb. 25 with the goal of encouraging students to set and reach their goals.

“It’s exciting to see an increase in student participation,” said Daniel Fragel, assistant director of Recreation Services. “We also had more students participate than faculty staff at last night’s kick off. Usually it’s about a third students, two thirds faculty staff, but this year we got close to it being 50/50 which is great. We love to get the students involved.”

Students participating in this event will earn points for prizes, and faculty and staff can earn points that go towards Health Quest.

According to Fragel, the kickoff had 53 total participants with 243 registered to participate in the month-long challenge.

“Our goal is for each student to improve in the seven dimensions of wellness while they are students so they can carry these actions on throughout their entire life,” Fragel said.

With the help of personal trainers, the event aims at providing an overall sense of wellness. “Surprisingly, I was nervous at first, but I actually enjoyed it a lot,” said Chris Zamskie, a graduate assistant and personal trainer.

While signaling the start, the kick off night is only part of the larger challenge.

“I think it would be a good idea if we did a post healthy hornet assessment,” Zamskie said. “What we hope to see from that is participants come back... and see improvement on their numbers as far as body comp, maybe a decrease in blood pressure...Studies have shown that it can help motivation to see that improvement in their numbers.”

Fellow graduate assistant and group fitness instructor, Amelia Morales, worked with Zamskie to run the event.

“We hosted a modified group schedule which was two hours worth of 15-minute previews of all the groups we have,” Morales said. “All the personal trainers were there as well leading fitness assessments for anyone who came so they could get an idea of where they’re at with their health.”

While the challenge focuses on physical health, it does so as part of a larger set of goals known as the seven dimensions of wellness, according to Fragel.

“Overall it doesn’t have to be major changes, it just has to be a step in the right direction,” Fragel said. The seven dimensions include social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness.

Students and staff are encouraged to participate in the challenge whether it be for fitness or overall wellness.

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