Alpha Sigma Alpha won the step show for the fourth year in a row. The show was hosted by the Black Student Union Saturday in Albert Taylor Hall and showcased multiple sororities in a series of choreographed performances.

The step show awarded $250 to its first-place winner, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and $50 to the runner-up, Sigma Sigma Sigma. The money is donated to philanthropies of their choosing.

“The step show creates a safe space no matter what your race or ethnicity,” said Kristian Gilmore, co-host and junior sociology major. “The step show is something different. It’s outside of people’s comfort zone and I think it’s a way to spark excitement around ESU and become a part of tradition.”

According to Gilmore, her sister was the president of the BSU the previous year and inspired her to continue her involvement in the program.

“The work they do for the campus (makes it) a great organization to be involved in,” Gilmore said. “It’s a safe place for everyone to be.”

Brooke Call, sophomore undecided major, was part of Sigma Sigma Sigma’s routine. It was her first year performing in the step show.

“It was a fun bonding experience,” said Call. “It was fun to learn how to dance like that. Sororities like Tri Sigma offer a great opportunity to get involved and make friends on campus.”

Theresa Hougland, junior communications major, participated with Alpha Sigma Alpha. “It was a lot of fun,” said Hougland. “The step show is our way to give back in a fun way to the community and ESU.”

This was Alpha Sigma Alpha’s fourth time winning.

“Thanks for coming out to the step show everyone,” said Taylor Lee, BSU president and senior sociology major. “Today we step up to show out.”

Alpha Sigma Alpha voted Tuesday to send the money to the S. June Smith Center, which supports children with disabilities and is a national partner with Alpha Sigma Alpha, according to Rylie Sebring, chapter president of Alpha Sigma Alpha and senior pyschology major.

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