The winners of the 2018 Shepherd Scholarship were announced last week, by ESU’s Honors College. There are 12 winners total for this year.

“The Shepherd Scholars Program annually honors Emporia State's most outstanding students, as determined through a robust and competitive application process,” according to the scholarship website. “Emporians R. Hershel and Augusta Shepherd established this program through an endowed gift of $150,000 to ESU Foundation in 1995.”

The scholarship requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and winners receive a plaque for the achievement as well as the scholarship itself and are recognized as Shepherd Scholars for their senior year.

“Students are invited to submit an application letter along with a sample of their best work and then two letters of recommendations from two faculty, staff or others who know them best,” said Gary Wyatt associate provost, dean of the Honors College and professor at ESU. “At that point what happens is, a committee of Roe R. Cross scholars – the most distinguished professors on campus – evaluate each of the applicants using a common rubric.”

The works being submitted by students alongside their applications could be of any variety, including musical performances all the way to research papers.

“We were lucky this year to have the professors who did the evaluation come from a variety of different disciplines,” Wyatt said. “A little bit of the deal is to present work that’s accessible beyond just a really narrow expertise.”

In the end, there were twelve winners for this year’s scholarship from varied majors including but not limited to, biochemistry, nursing, economics, art, and secondary education.

“I was super excited when I got the email, and it said Shepherd Scholarship application I was really nervous, because I didn’t think I was going to win it,” said Tiana Moala, junior biochemistry and molecular biology major. “It kind of re-motivated me to keep doing good in school and keep pushing forward.”

The application was opened from around February to March, and from there the Roe R. Cross Scholars spent majority of March evaluating the applications that students submitted.

“I’m really grateful for the legacy of the Shepherd family, and I’m a music student so I get to benefit from their generosity on a daily basis, because of the rotunda and all of the music rooms that I’m in regularly, were because of them,” said Maggie Unruh, junior communication and music performance major. “Just the thought and opportunity to be a part of that legacy was just really appealing to me.”

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