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Teachers play a team building skills game that can be used in elementary education. The Emporia State Teacher’s College brought in Jim DeLine, presenter and physical education teacher, to lead a workshop for teachers on Sept. 12 in the HPER building. 

‘You Can’t Spell Hope Without PE,’ a workshop hosted by the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation department was held on Sept. 12. Physical education teachers from across the state attended.

Vicki Worrell, HPER professor, said there were 53 official registered attendees from all over Kansas, including Dodge City, Kansas City, Topeka, Manhattan and Iola. The teach physical education classes anywhere from elementary school to high school.

“A lot of school districts don’t provide professional development for physical education, so that’s why they come here to find out what the latest activities are, the best way to assess students, and what he was showing (today) was how to use technology in your program,” Worrell said.

April Baugh, a Dodge City PE teacher, said she attended because of ESU’s reputation for hosting quality workshops, as well as presenter Jim DeLine’s reputation as a leader in the PE world.

“One of my favorite things he shared today was a health lesson,” Baugh said. “Rather than a kid sitting at a desk and learning about how to be healthy, he showed us a way to get kids up and moving and it was actually done with football skills. But he worked health concepts into that. That’s already been a huge highlight for me."

DeLine is a physical education teacher from Austin, Texas, and an instructor for the online physical education network.

Worrell said that the department has recently used the workshops as a valuable recruitment tool for the college as well.

“We actually have a teacher and a student from Iola that are here, and she wants to become a future Hornet,” said Worrell.

Stuart Schwarz, a Junction City PE teacher, graduated from ESU in 1992. He said he keeps coming to workshops because as far as he’s concerned, ESU is the best college in the state for physical education.

“They do the best job in the state of Kansas for us as PE teachers and we get continuing college credit for our recertification,” Schwarz said. “That’s a big plus, that we can come and get credit and get many ideas for our teaching and get to collaborate with teachers across the state of Kansas.”

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