Bobbi Rookstool, freshman English education major, wears a duck costume and takes a duck shaped cookie during the event welcoming back the ducks by Wooster Lake. At the event, songs about ducks played and Kathryn Jackson, freshman pre-med major and creator of the ESU Ducks social media pages, spoke to the participates.

In celebration of the return of the ducks, the Office of the President along with the ESU Ducks social media accounts, hosted a welcome back party last Thursday on the deck of the Memorial Union. Duck themed music, such as the Duck song and the Ducktales theme, played to help set the mood and duck shaped cookies were provided for attendees to snack on.

“I’m really happy that there are people who love the ducks as much as I do,” said Kathryn Jackson, freshman pre-med major and creator of the ESU Ducks page.

Although the event was held in the afternoon, the ducks actually returned to campus earlier that day. They were released into Wooster around 9:30 a.m., according to Patrick Renfro, building systems technician and caretaker for the ducks over the winter.  

“The ducks integrated with the rest of the group pretty well and we had no problems,” Renfro said. 

Over the winter, the ducks were kept in a large pen and if the weather was decent they were allowed to free range, Renfro said. 

“I hope we have a better summer this year and hope a lot of people keep their dogs on leashes this year,” Renfro said. 

The local Aflac insurance agency provided stress balls shaped like ducks to help advertise the event, according to Gwen Larson, assistant director of media relations. 

“I love seeing the ducks,” Jackson said. “It calms me down when I go to class or whatever. It’s just a little stress reliever of mine.”

There is a plan to have another welcome back party for the ducks next year. Any suggestions on how the welcome back party can be improved can be made to Jackson through either the ESU Ducks Facebook or Twitter page. 

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