This week, I read The Memory of Lemon by Judith Fertig. This is a fiction novel, but it reaches out to creative writers. With there being a creative writing group here at Emporia State, I figured this one was for them.

            The book is about a pastry chef named Neely with a very unique gift. She can see into the souls of people and determine their emotions based on flavor.

            Trust me, it sounded crazy when I first heard about it but after a couple chapters, I was more interested. This story dives deeper into a baker who is going through a divorce and struggling with her absentee father who showed up out of nowhere.

            As a college student and creative writer myself, I personally love these sorts of books. The author took a completely crazy unique idea and turned it into an interesting story.

            Any creative writer knows the importance of running with your own crazy ideas because sometimes, we get something completely amazing out of them.

            The book starts with the Neely, trying to decipher what to do to make a bride and her mom happy while they continuously butt heads. The story goes on to show the chef’s struggle with the bride and her own life issues.

            The overall idea for the story was unique and definitely not something I had heard before. Although, I did struggle to get through the first chapter and my initial reaction to such an outlandish idea. The book got more entertaining in the middle and the end was a nice close to the novel.

            Creative writers, let me explain why I believe this book is important for people such as us. This author took a completely whack idea and made it into a novel. As a creative writer--which I am one--that is the ultimate goal. To be able to talk about something and create a novel that’s published and wins awards.

            I really think fiction novels nowadays follow too many familiar trends and cheesy lines. Although this novel was sort of cheesy, it really had a unique that I appreciated. It was an unconventional story that made me happy as a creative writer. I love the fact that the author did something so different. It is very important to me to see something I hadn’t seen before.

3 out of 5 apples

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