Emporia State will host its second annual Breaking Barriers: Women in Leadership conference this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

“The difference in healthcare (for women) isn’t really talked about much,” said Makayla Hallacy, ESU Associated Student Government (ASG) chief of staff and Women’s Health Fair chair. “So I want to make the women in the area aware that their health matters and just because our society is still slowly working towards studying women's bodies and our physiology they are allowed to advocate for themselves in this moment right now. They don’t have to wait for science to catch up.”

Breaking Barriers was started last year by former ASG President, Lucy Steyer, and former Honors College President, Khushi Ghanchi, to create the first women’s leadership conference in Kansas, according to the Breaking Barriers website. Both women intended to organize a conference so that others could surround themselves with “powerful and passionate women,” according to the website. 

“Out of everyone coming, at least one person has to make a meaningful connection in that room and that will make it worth it for me,” Hallacy said. “So I am looking forward to that most.” 

Unlike last year, this year’s conference will feature four career panels. Guests from STEM, business, community leadership and education careers will speak, according to Bella Price, ASG president and senior history and education major. There will also be discussions on women’s health, provided by healthcare experts which was organized by Hallacy. Some of the topics include addiction in women, nutrition, and psychological health, according to Price and Hallacy. 

“It (the conference) was really impactful last year and I wanted to continue it this year,” Price said. 

Joyce French, vice president of S&S Oil and Propane Company Inc and ESU alumna, will provide the keynote speech: “Plan, Regroup, and Plan. Where are you now and where are you going?” There will also be three featured speakers, a poetry performance and multiple panels varying in topics, according to the website. 

Currently, 58 people have registered to attend and registration is still open. All are welcome to join and attendance is free, according to Price. 

The conference schedule can be found on the Breaking Barrier website along with the registration page.

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