KNEA first meeting

Victoria Yoder, secretary and Hailey Kisner, president of KNEA welcome potential members at their forst informal get together. The RSO was revamped this year after becoming defunct. 

The newly revised Emporia State chapter of the Kansas National Educators Association (KNEA) hosted its first event of the semester in Visser hall with sweet treats and a presentation to potential members. 

“This is our local chapter. When we really become teachers with our licenses you may also have local chapters that aren’t on a college campus,” said Victoria Yoder, secretary and senior elementary education major. 

While KNEA is not new to Emporia, the RSO had to be re-recognized before the ASG after becoming defunct. 

“Fun fact, Emporia was the only state institution to not have KNEA so we were like, ‘That’s kinda weird, we’re the teachers college’”, said Hailey Kisner, president and freshman elementary education major. “We are kind of in the beginning stages as you can see of setting this up.” 

Kisner said she wanted to revamp ESUs chapter of KNEA after meeting Yoder, who is president-elect of the statewide KNEA assembly, at a conference. 

“Everything we do aligns with (the National Education Association),” Kisner said. “One thing that I found when I came here is that there wasn’t really a club for teachers, that was something missing…there is KDP but there’s nothing else. So, we thought we should go ahead and create something where we could have partnerships with other clubs as well.” 

The membership fee of KNEA for students is $20 a year, with a rebate up to four years after graduation according to Yoder. Members have access to a myriad of benefits from scholarship opportunities, legal assistance and classroom liability insurance to participation in statewide and international conferences. 

“When you become a student teacher you need liability insurance, a lot of people are KNEA members for this reason because we offer really cheap liability insurance for when you are a teacher,” Yoder said. “The next membership acceptance cycle is September 1st, but there’s no pressure.” 

With eight attendees, from secondary education to art education, they were assured that all education majors were welcome to join, regardless of their distinction. 

“I saw them in the union tabling, and I figured this would be really interesting,” said Amanda Clark, junior art education major. “Art is really the best…it depends on the class (if resources are available to art ed. students) but there isn’t much.” 

The first general meeting of KNEA will be 7 p.m., March 19, in Visser hall 118. For more information about KNEA they are available at

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