A new policy allowing students to make up coursework for any classes they were absent as long as they can provide a doctor's note, is in progress by the Associated Student Government.

“What we are proposing is a policy to allow students to make up coursework for 100% credit if they are able to provide a doctor’s note for any medical reason,” said Paul Frost, ASG president and senior management major.

The current University Policy Manual allows faculty members to create their own attendance policy, this new policy will require faculty to allow students to make up the points missed.

“I support the intent of the legislation that I believe ASG plans to offer, and I would hope a reasonable compromise between ASG and the Faculty Senate could be achieved should the need arise,” said Gary Wyatt, associate provost and dean of the Honors College.

 ASG is working to get student feedback before moving onto the next step with the Faculty Senate.

“I think it’s a great policy,” said Salman Mostafa, junior business data analytics major. “It’s a big stress reliever to students who do have to miss an extended period of time.”

However, Mostafa said he questioned some situations that may arise.

“What would happen if the student with a medical reason has to miss the last few weeks or days of the semester before graduation? Would the student have time to make up coursework and still walk across the stage?” Mostafa said.

The policy is still a proposal, so some additions could still be added to accustom any situation for students.

“It would be helpful to have support from faculty senate as well,” Frost said. “My goal is to have this enacted so it can start being implemented and utilized next fall if we’re able to make progress that quick.”

Frost highly encourages students to take the survey found on the twitter page @EmporiaStateASG until Feb. 21.

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