During finals week, there will be a Harry Potter themed escape room from 12-10 p.m., Dec. 11 on the third floor of the William Allen White Library.

“With the new Harry Potter movie coming out, it’s a timely topic,” said Terri Summey, professor of libraries and archives. “We think it is would be a lot of fun. This is our first attempt to try this, hopefully it will be successful and students will enjoy it.”

The staff will decorate the room with floating candles, tea lights and will put pictures and posters around the room to create a Harry Potter scene, Summey said.

The escape room will have 9 sessions. Each session will hold four to six people and will take around 30 minutes.

“For signup, we will use a Google form we will put on our webpage and also in Hornet Announcements,” Summey said.

At school there are some big Harry Potter fans who are looking forward to signing up for the escape room, according to Summey.

“I will definitely want to do it,” said Bobbi Rookstool, sophomore English education major, “I would hope it has a lot of Harry Potter stuff to do, like you can go though different challenges, and I would solve the problems because that was what Harry did.”

A variety of events are occuring during the last weeks of the semester.

There will be puppies and kittens at the “paws for a break” event from 3-5 p.m. Dec. 7 outside the library during “dead week.”

“These events are just to relieve stress and give them (students) opportunities if they want to get away from the worries of studying for the final exams,” said Gieselle Taylor, director of ACES, “The whole goal from our perspective is to help students to process to the end.”

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