Ron Frierson, director of national incentives at NAI Capital Inc., the fourth largest real estate and investment firm located in Los Angeles, spoke last Thursday in Webb Hall as a part of the annual Hayes Lecture Series.

Frierson, a former Emporia State athlete, said that the athlete’s mentality he carries still affects him in his day-to-day life.

“I take in the moment, but then I brush it off and prepare for the next moment…That’s the important part of an athlete’s mentality,” Frierson said. “You don’t dwell on losses and you don’t dwell on wins...You can’t become complacent and always have to get ready for the next challenge.”

Frierson also focused on how students can develop both personal and professional relationships, while doing acts of service for others. As an alumnus, Frierson told stories about his time at the college and gave students advice for life afterward.

“One of the best ways we can show that we value relationships, both professionally and personally, are through acts of service,” Frierson said. “We’re compensated for doing our jobs, but if we perform those responsibilities with an ethical mindset that exudes a spirit of service then it will show in our work product.”

This lecture was hosted and organized by Blue Key Honor Society as the 8th annual Hayes Lecture Series. Students who attended the lecture had opportunity to fill out an application and complete essay questions for the chance to be awarded a $1000 scholarship.

“I really enjoyed Ron’s speech,” said Lexi Holston, Blue Key president and senior marketing major. “I truly cannot express how amazing of a man he is. The words of wisdom that he carries, inspires me. During the speech, I felt myself sit on the edge of my seat wanting to hear more.” Holston was one of the organizers of the event.

“Relationships are the first connection that many of us can utilize with our career paths moving forward into the future,” Holston said. “As a soon to be graduate of ESU I took Ron’s speech to heart, he talked a lot about living in the now and helping others the best you can. Success is a journey, not a destination, and one day each of us will find our success.”

Michael Webb, Associated Student Government president and senior business administration major, also attended the lecture series.“It shows us how we can take our experience here at ESU and the knowledge that we’re taking in, in the classrooms and bring them forth into our career,” Webb said. “Leadership isn’t just in a job, leadership is in your life.”

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