Emporia State will be hosting its spring blood drive with the goal of donating 400 pints, as the nation is facing a blood shortage, according to Bailee Wilson, president of the Caduceus society and senior biochemistry and molecular biology major.

“I’ve got friends where they need transfusions monthly, and right now there’s a national blood shortage, so I’d say (donating) is great,” Wilson said. “Go for it.”

The blood drive is open to anyone who wants to donate.

“Don’t look at the needle, it’s just a pinch,” Wilson said “Make sure you eat lots of sugary foods Don’t skip any meals that day. You should expect to be a little tired after, that’s perfectly normal. You should be fine by the next day.” 

The American Red Cross has an app called RapidPass where donors can fill out in-formation to go through the donation process quicker.

Donations are also tracked on the app and website, according to Susan Faler, account manager and donor recruiter for the American Red Cross.

“My job is to organize blood drives in 14 counties, so I recruit donors, volunteers and companies or organizations, like colleges, to host blood drives,” Faler said. “Emporia State has probably the best, well organized blood drives of the eight colleges that I cover, and they’re the most successful.”

To be eligible, donors should not have donated within the last 56 days, be in good health and feeling well, be at least 16 years old in most states and weigh at least 110 lbs. according to The American Red Cross website.

“Its an easy way to help other people, and all it costs you is about an hour of your time and a pint of your blood ...The difference you can

do doing that far outweighs any other job I’ve had,” Faler said. “It gives you that really good feeling that you're doing something to better yourself and other people, definitely making a difference.”

To donate simply register with the Red Cross at redcrossblood.org or visit one of the sign-up tables from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. today and tomorrow in the Memorial Union.

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