Beverly Olson Buller, lecturer for library and information management,

speaks during the final part of their trilogy over LIFE Magazine’s coverage on William Allen White on Sunday in White library.The presentations were designed to increase knowledge on White.

Special Archives and Collections hosted the final part of their trilogy over LIFE magazines coverage on William Allen White and his family, “On Margaret’s Journey, Barbara White Walker’s Adoption & Wedding.”

“I teach the classes for SLIM for the library school,” said Beverly Olson Buller, lecturer for library and information management.

“The main benefit is increasing knowledge about history as well as Emporia’s most famous son. I always appreciate the work that archives does.”

The presentation covered the life of William Allen White’s adopted granddaughter from England, whose mother had abandoned her during World War Two, according to Buller.

“This was the first time we’ve done this partnership. Roger (Heineken) and I are with William Allen White Community Partnership,” Buller said. “We decided to present here at the library…to hold the events here in the winter.”

“Beverly is also the Humanities Kansas speaker on William Allen White and his run for governor against the (Ku Klux Klan),” said Roger Heineken, retired Emporia State employee.

Heineken attended all three events as a member of the community partnership.

“They’re informative, they’re fun, you get to hear stuff that’s meaningful to people in the area and even out of town,” said John Doan, president of the Lyon County Historical Society. “I attended the first and third presentations…I think that people who don’t do research and know about the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, so I’m a big believer in history.”

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