With about 165 academic adjustments for distance-education made by students, concerns over online learning persist into finals week for students and tutors. 

"I really haven't gotten anybody to show up," said Laura Laffitte, sophomore business management major and French tutor. "People say they don't know how to use Go Board but I tell them  how to use it but nobody is coming. I really don't know if they like online (tutoring) or not because I haven't experienced it yet."

As a first year French and Spanish tutor at the Academic Center for Excellence and Success (ACES), Laffitte said students have not been seeking tutors out like semesters past.

"People have to contact the tutor to learn better but I think with Go Board it is easy to share screens and work on things together," Laffitte said. "Although I do think it is easier for people to go to the library and meet the person there than to use their laptop."

With safety concerns, Laffitte said most students attend in person sessions as opposed to online, where the majority of tutoring hours are held.

"One person came a couple times in person but because of COVID-19 they have to register and make an appointment and I feel like people aren't comfortable doing that," Laffitte said. "Because of Covid less people are getting help and going to the ACES during hours."

Having been quarantined due to a positive case in the Women's Basketball team, Laffitte had to offer online tutoring only for two weeks.

"You have to listen more because French is a complicated language and it is hard to pronounce, hard to understand and hard to read too,"Laffitte said. "I would recommend to be in person more to do the readings and listen at the same time but if that is not possible I think it's good enough to do online."

While tutoring is entirely optional, Laffitte said that more students seeking help would be a good sign.

"I wish I could help. I send emails to every student but you know ACES can't force people to go," Laffitte said. "I was kind of expecting (an outbreak in the team) since it is hard to kind of control Covid...It is not the same as when you play a sport as to go to class. I expected it to happen but I hope it don't happen again."

While ACES does offer some in-person tutoring, the Writing Center and English Language Leaner Lab have gone completely virtual this year.

"Students can still make appointments or they can just drop in one of our live links whenever they want, during our hours of course," said Joelle Spotswood, director of the Writing Center and English Language Learner Lab. "(We have seen) a decrease. I am not actually really sure why because we've been working with distance students the last four years and that has worked really well. I think students don't know they can do it or they lack the technology. I don't think a lot of students now they can rent out laptops through the library."

The Writing Center and English Language Learn Lab use Zoom exclusively.

"Zoom is a great tool because we can pull up a students paper and work on it together, it is a great way to mimic what we do in person in real time," Spotswood said. "There are different ways teaching has been limited and it is not the language but my ability to walk around my room. I have white boards all around my room and I can't walk around and use them because I am bound by that Zoom camera. If I draw on the whiteboard behind me everything is in reverse."

According to Spotswood the amount of students utilizing their services has remained proportional to the decrease in enrollment.

"I have noticed that students on Zoom pretty consistency don't want to talk," Spotswood said. "I will say because the Writing Center is also the English Language Learner Lab we do see a lot of international students which is pretty consistent with what we have seen in previous years. Once students come and use our services we tend to see them over and over."

While the campuses response to the pandemic continues to shift Spotswood said that the Writing Center will most likely remain online in the Spring.

"We will continue on Zoom until we see other changes being made across the campus," Spotswood said. "I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that the Writing Center is only for composition one or two students, but it is for everybody."

As classes transition entirely online as of Monday, November 23, tutoring services will continue to be offered remotely. 

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